About us

Our Story

BeHsiu story begins in 2008, from an apartment in Taichung City in Taiwan, by a passionate group of people who love outdoor activities. We are a bunch of adventurers that travel around the globe, from Taiwan to forested Cambodia, Thailand border crossing to religious Myanmar, China to Pakistan through amazing Silk Road, and China to Russia travelled by Siberia train. Through our journeys, we always look for most reliable accessories when we are on the off beaten road. We met many fellow adventurers that felt the same way because we formed a team under same vision and goal, we started our business venture and the rest is history.

BeHsiu is to be hsiu, in Chinese character, hsiu stands for pure elegant and brilliant, we used this Chinese character as our motto of how we deliver our service and solution. The flexibility and responsiveness afforded by our company’s global footprint enable us to service our customers at key points throughout their supply chain. Today, we are professionalism that provides outdoor solutions around the world. In just over 10 years we have grown from one bright idea into a global corporation that continues to set new standards for quality and innovation in this field.